Gateway to the West |St. Louis, MO|

When one says  St. Louis, the first thing people think about is the Gateway Arch, unless you are baseball enthusiast, and in that case you have the Cardinals. During our trip to STL, we were able to enjoy the city beyond the iconic Arch!

Some of our favorite spots:

  • First things first— FOOD: We enjoyed all the food we tried in St Louis. We made sure to get BBQ from Pappy’s smokehouse and their brisket was amazing! We also tried St. Louis’ famous gooey butter cake from a small local bakery in downtown. We had breakfast at a local diner that served almost fried biscuits with honey or jelly and we also got to meet some people from the area and started a conversation with them.
  • Stay: We actually stayed in two different hotels due to logistics issues but we liked our second hotel better and it was at the Union Station. It was very interesting to stay there. The architecture was beautiful. The rooms had a rustic feel to it with modern conveniences and fixtures. The hotel is part of the Historic Hotels of America and their lobby features 65-ft ceilings with 3D light shows in the evening.
  • Children’s Museum: Contrary to the name we actually enjoyed our visit to the museum on saturday night and they had exhibits and activities for 20 some year olds to enjoy. We ended spending close to 3 hours at the museum and would love to go back for more!


  • Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis is a beautiful catholic church from the early 1900’s and has very detailed mosaic work


  • Last but not least, one has to take a walk down the downtown area and make a trip to the Gateway Arch. The Structure in itself is a beauty but I was even more amazed at how perfectly the rest of the city was laid out and everything was in symmetry. When at the top of the arch, you are able to enjoy an aerial view of the city and the river.

The STL Zoo is also a major attraction but since we went during the winter, there wasn’t much to see. If I were to redo a trip to STL, it would be in the summer to enjoy the zoo and have a less frigid walk to the arch.


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