Mile High

Colorado is easily one of my favorite places ever. If I could pick anywhere to live, I would chose Denver. I have had the opportunity to visit the place a few times and I got to do something different every single time. The people we have met there have been wonderful and so nice to interact with. Even the food and drinks tastes so much better in Colorado that any other place. There is always something to do year round!

√ Catch the sunrise at the Garden of the Gods and getting a morning hike in.

√ Hike and camp out at the Rocky Mountain National Park

√ Go to a concert at the Red Rocks Ampitheatre

√ Hit the slopes

√ Enjoy some brewery tours and their free samples 😉

√ Take the railcar up to Pike’s Peak

√ Must go to Brunch spots: The Buff (Boulder), Snooze AM Eatery (Denver).

Pro trip: There are always reasonably priced tickets on Spirit and Southewest to Colorado and I have gotten round trip tickets for less than $120 from Dallas!







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